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Adult Sunday School

The adult Sunday school classes at ICSBC are rich in the teaching of God's word. We offer two adult classes that are taught by two gifted teachers in our church. Each class has a unique appeal to young or old. Making disciples of Christ comes by solid teaching and this teaching can be found in these classes.

Childrens Sunday School

Class Breakdown for the following grades:




Children's Worship

Children's Church is offered for children from Nursery up to 3rd grade during worship

service on Sunday morning.

Royal Ambassadors

Royal Ambassadors (RA) is a missions discipleship organization for boys in grades 1–6. Through hands-on activities that encourage spiritual growth, games and sports, and mentoring relationships with RA leaders, RA members become a faith-based brotherhood.

GA's Girls in Action

Girls in Action (GA) is a missions discipleship organization for girls in grades 1 through 6. Through GA, girls learn about, pray for, give to, and do missions work. They also make new friends and have lots of fun!

Hooked For Life

HOOKED FOR LIFE uses the sport of fishing to share Jesus Christ with children and families across the nation and around the world. 

HFL's mission is to:

  • Expose children and families to God's Holy Word and the life changing power of the gospel,

  • Encourage children and families to seek a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord,

  • Equip children and families with a foundation to grow and walk in faith, and

  • Educate children and families in the way of fishing, teaching the basic skills and knowledge needed to become life-long anglers and stewards of God's great outdoors.

HOOKED FOR LIFE is accomplishing The Mission through various ministry programs such as:

Community Activities

Church-based HFL Outreach Ministries

Weekend Retreats

Summer Camps 

Point The Way Archery (CBA) Chapter

The men and women of the church have formed a Christian Bowhunters of America chapter. The meetings are open to anyone who has interest in bow hunting. Our goal is to use this chapter to reach out to hunters and their families with the love of Christ. We will be doing numerous outreaches a year to accomplish this task. We are always taking in members and their families who love the outdoors and hunting. 

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